4D Sound Designer

VR music composer for 4D Sound System (in development)


4DSOUND is a fully omnidirectional sound environment where the listener can experience sound in an unlimited spatial continuum. Sound can move infinitely far away or come intimately close: it moves around, as well as above, beneath, in between or right through you. Led by your ears, you’re encouraged to explore the space. You can move between blocks of sound, touch lines of sound and walk through walls of sound. The 4DSOUND system is a spatial instrument that can be played through integration with a range of interfaces and controllers.

Collaboration between KiBu and 4DSound aims to:
Develop and design an interactive user interface for the system to improve the artist’s spatial composing procedure. With the help of Virtual and Augmented reality the enviroment can be mapped and extended with real-time sound visualizations and spatial interactions.


The application allow artists to focus on the spatial composition by drawing trajectories and sound-emitting surfaces and assign sounds to them. The tool is designed to explore the qualities of the sound system using real-time 3D drawing instead of creating motion by using XYZ coordinates.

The system can arrange sound in space using a 3D interface, timeline, and connection with other music instruments and DAWs in future. Additional feature on the roadmap are: 3d physics, natural approach to drawing, particles, performance and composing mode, spatial timeline, conditional sequencing.

vr view.png


Head of 4D Sound: Paul Oomen, IxD: Filip Ruisl,
IxD, Unity Development: Gabor Pribek, Project Support: Kitchen Budapest

Budapest, 2017