media design - mixed reality

Audio-Visual Map

music for VR and AR
Chronus Art Centre  /   Shanghai  /   2016

In big cities the environment is surrounded by prolific information-overflow which influences our travel experience. What is also evident is the shift of attention towards the private digital space of the inhabitant’s smartphones. Audio-visual map is an experiment based on these facts, exploring an alternative audio-visual version of public spaces. The geolocation based version can be explored on the actual streets with a smartphone app and earphones. The other version is based on immersive virtual reality, which can be experienced through a head-mounted display, controller and headphones. The experiment was created based on two public spaces so far. The first one is Shanghai's M50 centre, the other one is the Liberty Square of Budapest which is avaible on the play store.

#Unity3D #Cinema4D #Wwise #Realspace3DAudio #OculusRift #HTC Vive

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