Augmented Assembly

Learn to build with AR

The application created by KiBu has been developed to demonstrate how the logistics of manufacturing could be supported by AR technology.

There are several component cabinets placed around the manufacturing rooms in factories. These cabinets are used by the workers, in order to assembly the incoming parts on the manufacturing lines. Because of the complexity of these builds, finding the components by the instructions can become a difficult and slow task.

The application identifies, detects and finds the applicable set of components needed to build the selected part. When the user points the device camera towards the cabinet and the part, the app recognises both. It immediately highlights the drawers containing the components within the cabinet needed for the current assembly. Once the drawers are highlighted, the user can choose which components to add to the part under construction. 

The currently showed prototype is capable of building three different vehicle parts, each represented by a card. The users can build these parts by tapping on the highlighted drawers. 

Designed and developed by Gabor Pribek, Jonathan Ravasz,
Clients: T-Systems, Audi, KiBu, Music: Matthew Maklary

Budapest, 2016