Construction Guide in Mixed Reality


Training workers to meet the demands of labor shortages in factories is becoming critical. Assembly Praxis is a proof of concept application which automatizes the teaching of complex building processes with the help of Microsoft HoloLens mixed-reality device.


With the application users can practice how to piece together a simplified 3D printed model of a V8 engine . The head-mounted device projects the building steps on top of the container kit. Each virtual object is mapped with the physical parts in the box. This way the user can see the instructions spatially in context providing a more intuitive way of understanding the process. The application can be controlled with voice command so the user can build handsfree.


Interaction design, UX: Filip Ruisl, Gábor Pribék
Code: Gábor Pribék
Sound design, music: Filip Ruisl

Created in Kitchen Budapest, 2018