mixed-reality customer service prototype


Replica is a prototype developed in 24 hours on Hackathon in Zagreb, our team won the 2nd price on the competition. The idea was to improve the user experience of customer service with immersive technologies. The traditional customer service doesn't see the client's enviroment and is often hard to give instruction over a telephone or chat interface. Our solution would give a real-time representation about the customer's enviroment which would help the customer service to communicate in an immersive way and solve the problem spatially together.


The prototype was done for the Gear VR on the customer service side with a Gear VR controller, and a Samsung S7 phone on the customer side with Vuforia augmented reality. The wi-fi router was scanned with Vuforia to achieve markerless tracking. The whole systems allows to see the wi-fi router in the VR enviroment, draw on to it and send the data through network for the augmented-reality and show the drawing in real-space and real-time through the lens of the phone.

T2038-DD217.001 copy.jpeg

Hackaton members:
Sandor Makra, Patrik Makrai, Filip Ruisl, Gabor Pribek

Zagreb, 2017