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Sopron 1676

mixed-reality installation
Museum of Sopron  /  Sopron  /  2016

“Sopron 1676” is a pernament interactive installation in the Museum of Sopron. It is created in memory of the 1676 conflagration. In the top of the city centre’s Fire Tower an interactive 3D simulation recreates the illusion of the catastrophy, which is projected on the surfcae of the windows. The visitors are being tracked with kinects so they can controll the 3D scene’s virtual camera with their movement in space. This technology gives the illusion of perspective to highly immerse in to the experience complemented with surround sounds and heat blowers. 

#Cinema4D #VVVV #UnrealEngine4 #TurbulenceFD

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 3.03.35 am.png